No more excuses: Tips to curb spending

By: Kaneisha Mitchell

Everyone wants to save money, but to do so you must go about it the correct way. Saving for your future is important. Here are some tips to curb your spending.

1. Adjust your mentality

In order for you to change your relationship with money you must form new habits and a new way of thinking. Know what triggers your spending (i.e. spend more when out with friends or walking in the mall). Ask yourself, do I need really need this item? Do I love this item, or do I like just this item?

2. Create a budget

You need to know where your money is going. You need to make sure your spending aligns with your priorities and goals.

3. No spend day

One day a week, pick a day not to spend any unnecessary money. If you need gas or groceries that is acceptable. If you truly are not spending money on things you do not need “No spend day” will be successful.

4. Research deals

Call your service providers and negotiate on services. Ask for the retention department and inquire about additional discounts or “we don’t want to lose your service” deals.

5. Gift budget

Don’t go broke trying to show people you care about them. Create guidelines and spending caps on gifts.

6. Meal planning

Plan your meals and shopping lists ahead of time. People who go grocery shopping with lists spend less money. It also saves you time because you are not going up and down each aisle trying to figure out what to purchase.

7. Coupon

Rakuten is a great app for saving and earning cash back. This tool makes shopping online easy and convenient. If you click on the link and sign up you get a $10 bonus.

Sign Up instructions:

a. Sign-up for a free account here:

b. Click the JOIN NOW button on the top of the page.

c. Now you are member and can start earning cash app on online and in-store purchases.

Remember curbing your spending helps you eliminate patterns that hold you back from reaching your financial goals.


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